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At Therapeutic it's our goal to help you create your own, lasting self-care rituals that make you feel better as an inidvidual. Here's how we feel we can help.

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Need a little boost to your self-care routine or need help creating one altogether? We can help with these self-care ideas made simple. Here you will find valuable information and simple tips you can easily incorporate in your daily routine that are practical and yet affordable.


Inside our store you will find an array of different self-care items at great prices! Massage tools, essential oil diffusers, smudge bundles, stones and even great gift ideas! Therapeutic has all your self-care journey needs.


Become a member for free and gain access to this section of our blog. Here you'll find helpful stretching guides, yoga, meditation and sound healing videos. Here you can also find a list of recommended practitioners including licensed massage therapists, estheticians and more.

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Here at Therapeutic, it is our mission to spread the knowledge of simplistic, self-care ideas. We want to encourage people by sharing practical and affordable ideas they can easily incorporate into their daily routines and feel good about them. Whether you're already well into your self-care journey or don't quite know where to start, we believe all people can benefit from Therapeutic Not only do we understand how stressful and fast-paced life can sometimes be but we also know that small changes can make big differences. Our goal is to help you, let's not let pain get the best of us anymore!
Therapeutic was created by Rachael Graham, LMT. At a young age, and into her late teen years, Rachael was busy practicing and competing gymnastics. At age five she toured to Germany for an exhibition which included gymnasts from all over the world. She was unaware that such aggressive training at such a young age would have lingering consequences. Luckily, she found therapeutic massage and quickly gained a love for it after she endured injuries from a car accident in 2002. She later went on to study massage and became licensed in her home state of Washington in 2009. Rachael has worked with clients of all ages to reduce pain and promote healing and relaxation. One common thing she has noticed, from a majority of her clients, is the lack of knowledge and time spent on self-care. It was her dream to create Therapeutic, a space in which she could reach more people to facilitate an understanding and appreciation for self-care. It's her passion to help others learn the art of self-care by offering ideas and knowledge, products and tools for home care and even a referral network for clients to find licensed massage therapist near them. If you are a licensed massage practitioner and would like to be featured for referrals or you have any thoughts or ideas for self-care in which you would like to see published in our blog, please feel free to contact us via email at Thank you, Namaste.

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